The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians has evolved through a number of organizational stages due to conditions and climate of the time. It came on the scene as the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (1918 - 1924), followed by the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association (1925 - 1946), the Ukrainian Association to Aid the Fatherland (1941 - 1946); and finally, the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (1946).

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians is a progressive Organization with strong and durable roots in the people and history of Canada. The Association and its community, from the turn of the century, constitute the progressive wing of the Ukrainian ethnic group in the population. They are the offspring and heir to those beginnings that grew out of the early formative years of community develop- ment and the struggle to survive. more...



Ukrainian Labour Temple was Designated a National Historic Site


Click to expand On Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at the Ukrainian Labour Temple 591 Pritchard (at McGregor) the Winnipeg Branch of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians hosted representatives of the National Executive Committee of the AUUC, Parks Canada, invited dignitaries and the general public for the unveiling of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque commemorating the Ukrainian Labour Temple as a National Historic Site of Canada. The formal ceremony commenced at 3 p.m.

The Ukrainian Labour Temple is an iconic centre for the Ukrainian community in Manitoba, which also boasts ties to one of the most significant historical events in Canadian history - the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. This designation supports the commemoration of this important national treasure.

The Ukrainian Labour Temple was dedicated to improving the circumstances of Ukrainian workers and farmers. It was the headquarters for several national Ukrainian organizations that provided educational, mutual aid, charitable and other services.

This temple was constructed by the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association in 1918-1919 in the multi-ethnic immigrant neighbourhood of Winnipeg's North End. While grandly designed by architect Robert E. Davies to have a substantial and enduring presence, its socialist role as a workers' community hall was familiar to most Ukrainians. “We are honoured that the Government of Canada is recognizing the Ukrainian Labour Temple as a national historic site,” said Glenn Michalchuk, president of the local branch of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians. “The rich value of this building stems not only from its links to the Winnipeg General Strike and the political activities that took place here, but also to its importance as a cultural centre for the Ukrainian community, a role that continues to this day. This designation will help ensure that this site and the values it represents will continue to be a source of pride for all Canadians.” See a pamphlet.

Performing Art Groups

Amateur cultural activities always hold an important place in the life of the Ukrainian Canadian community. They played a prominent role in the cultural-educational development of the community and were a significant factor in the maturing of the Ukrainian national consciousness. Thousands of plays were staged by the AUUC amateur drama groups, hundreds of orchestras, choirs, dance groups were formed to perform in the AUUC halls, as well as on other Ukrainian Canadian stages. more...

Ukrainian Canadian Herald

The Ukrainian Canadian Herald is a general-interest family publication produced by Kobzar Publishing Company Limited, serving the progressive Ukrainian Canadian community. read more...


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