The Ukrainian Canadian Herald Newspaper

The Ukrainian Canadian Herald is a general-interest family publication produced by Kobzar Publishing Company Limited, serving the progressive Ukrainian Canadian community. The 12-page paper appears eight times a year. The price of a subscription is $30.00 (including taxes) a year in Canada ($40.00 to foreign addresses) For more information, or to take out a subscription, contact the administrative offices at 595 Pritchard Avenue in Winnipeg (R2W 2K4), Manitoba. Phone: (800) 856-8242; fax: (204) 589-3404; The paper is produced at our editorial offices, 1604 Bloor Street West in Toronto (M6P 1A7), Ontario. Phone: 416-588-1639; fax 416-588-9180; The paper is printed in Edmonton, Alberta, by CentralWeb ColorPress, and mailed by volunteers out of the Ukrainian Centre in that city. The page could be headed by the newspaper’s masthead.